We’re here to help with your Bathroom Renovations.

If you are considering a bathroom renovation a plumber will most often be your first call.

The team from Watermates Plumbing South have managed an extensive number of both residential and commercial bathroom renovation projects.  We can advise on everything from proposed layout to minimise the cost impacts, to fittings and fixtures and then provide a quotation to supply and install materials.

We also have extensive, local trade networks and can put you in touch with builders specialising in bathroom renovations, waterproofing and tiling experts, electricians and more, to ensure that your bathroom renovation runs seamlessly.

Whether its an existing bathroom that is getting an overhaul or the addition of a much needed additional WC, ensuite or full family bathroom, Watermates Plumbing South can help.

Call us on 0433 411 929 or request a quote here.