Have you got a Burst Water Pipe? 

Our team of professional plumbers specialise in repairing and replacing broken water pipes quickly and efficiently.

How do I know if I have burst water pipe?

If you have a burst water pipe you will have noticed something like:

  • water spurting out of a wall – this is the obvious one!
  • a spreading wet patch on a wall or ceiling
  • the sound of water hissing, spraying or moving inside a wall or can sometimes be heard from under your floor or outside
  • water pooling or welling up outside or a stream of water running across an area of your yard
  • an unusually high water bill

What do I do if I have a burst water pipe?

If you have water spurting out or any kind of noticeable wet patch or leak you should turn your water supply off at the meter (usually near your front driveway) to help prevent further damage and then call a licensed plumber like us on 0433 411 929.

Our team of expert plumbers can use water leak detection units to find the exact location of the burst pipe if it isn’t obvious.  Click here to book in a plumber today.