Is your Tap Leaking?

Watermates Plumbing South fixes leaking and dripping taps. Tapware repairs can be carried out on most makes and models during our visit.  Each van carries a small range of tapware and spare parts including generic mixer cartridges for on the spot replacements.

If you have a high volume of water leaking from the tap, we recommend that you turn the water off at the mains and then call a licensed plumber asap.  Alternatively, your tap may have a slow leak which appears as either a recurrent drip or welling of water from a seam in the tapware.  The likely requirement is the replacement of a valve or o-ring (washer).

The process of repairing a leaking tap is usually straightforward and quick to fix.  Client’s will often have had a go at repairing a leaking tap in the past only to find that the leak returns.  It’s always worth jumping on any form of water leak in your home to ensure you don’t end up with a larger mould problem. Saving water, money and the risk of further damage isn’t a bad idea either.

Speciality Tapware Repairs

Justin was part owner of The Tapware Centre in Centre Rd, Bentleigh, five years ago. He specialises in being able to repair a range of specialty tapware.  Some common brands that we are known for repairing and replacing are;

Grohe, Caroma, Enware, Zucchetti, Astra Walker, Mizu, Milli, Ideal Standard, Greens, Fowler, American Standard, Ram, Nobeli, Phoenix.