Does your toilet need repair?

Watermates South’s Plumbers specialise in repairing and replacing all toilets including concealed in-wall toilet cisterns.

There is a wide range of problems that may occur with toilets over time.  These could include hearing water running constantly or the water running intermittently.  Most toilet repairs (except for blockages) involve repairs to the cistern or the water tank that holds the reservoir of water for flushing.  The cistern has a lot of valves and moving parts and when the cistern is installed in the wall, it can be more complex than usual to repair.

If your toilet is blocked it is indicative of a blocked drain somewhere between the toilet and the sewer system.  Sometimes you can have success fixing this yourself if the blockage is close to the toilet bowl, otherwise, you can contact us for your blocked drain requirements.

We have experience working in commercial property as well as a wide range of community and government buildings and can attend quickly to ensure that the operation of your business is not affected by broken or blocked toilets.

Whatever the problem our expert team of plumbers will attend the site, identify the cause and aim to repair the broken toilet with parts we carry.  If a toilet or cistern requires replacement we can assist here too.

Commonly serviced brands include Kado, American Standard, Stylus, Costello, Porcher, Roca, Hideaway, Caroma and Fowler.

Toilet Replacement and Installation

If your toilet is unable to be repaired or you simply are seeking to upgrade your toilet to a newer model or from plastic to ceramic, our plumbers can assist.  We can remove your old toilet entirely or just replace the cistern as needed.

For toilet replacement or toilet repairs call us on 0433 411 929 or contact us here.